flyPAD hardware

flyPAD (fly Proboscis and Activity Detector) - is a device for automated high resolution monitoring of feeding behavior in individual Drosophila.

Hardware overview

Combining flyPAD recordings with video allowed us to discover that flies feed on solids by rapidly extending and retracting their proboscis around 5 times/sec.

To discover more about the method please read our paper in Nature Communications(Itskov et al., 2014) or contact us. If you are interested in trying flyPAD you can either build it yourself (you will find all the design files here), or you can contact us. More details on our software page. We are proud that that flyPAD data acquisition is implemented in Bonsai (Lopes et al., 2014).


Itskov PM, Moreira J-M, Vinnik E, Lopes G, Safarik S, Dickinson MH, Ribeiro C (2014) Automated monitoring and quantitative analysis of feeding behaviour in Drosophila. Nature Communications 5 Available at:

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